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September 12, 2022

Are Those Giant Fire Ants in Your Yard?

When you step out into your yard and see a mound, you're probably quick to worry that you have giant fire ants or another type of bad ants — meaning a species that poses a risk to your plants or could leave you with a nasty bite.
August 29, 2022

How to Get Rid of Argentine Ants

Argentine ants are the most invasive and agile ant species, well-known for displacing native ant populations. They're believed to have entered the United States through coffee and sugar shipments from Argentina. Today, the colonies have invaded South America, South Africa, Europe, Australia, and the Southern United States.
August 29, 2022

Never Forget – 911 Memorial Hat

We will never forget that we were all Americans on that fateful day. Here is what Bulwark is doing to honor that memory.
August 22, 2022

The Weirdest Facts About Roaches

Want to hear some weird roach facts? This is the article for you.
March 29, 2022

Joro Spiders: The New Pest in Atlanta, Georgia

You may have heard about our new neighbors- the Joro spiders! Native to coastal, eastern Asia, the Joro spiders (or Trichonephila clavata) have made their way […]
March 21, 2022

Nuclear Explosion: Super Roach or Crispy Critter?

Nuclear Explosion: Super Roach or Crispy Critter? Roaches are some of the most resilient critters on the planet, but can they survive the devastating aftermath of […]
November 8, 2021

It’s Rodent Season

It’s been widely told that garages and basements are prime targets for rats and mice, looking to get into homes and businesses. Because smaller rodents like […]
October 26, 2021

What To Know About Brown Recluse Spiders

Also known as the violin spider, the Brown Recluse spider is one of the most notorious spider pests in the United States. While most spiders are […]
October 26, 2021

7 Steps To Avoid Brown Recluse Spider Bites

Homeowners in Tulsa, OK have been on high alert as of late, due to the increase of Brown Recluse activity in the City and surrounding areas. […]