How to Keep Mice Out of Your Car

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What Are Mice?

Mice in your car? Why? Mice have a knack for ending up in the worst possible places and wreaking havoc on things that they should have never come in contact with. For instance, your car is one of those unexpected places to find mice, yet they often make nests under the chassis, under the hood, in the trunk, or inside the cabin. They do this when searching for a secluded area to nest and reproduce.

If your car is driven every day, you are less likely to experience this, but it is possible, especially when mice are seeking warmth from the engine during colder weather.

Vehicles that are most susceptible to this behavior from mice are cars that aren’t driven frequently and parked in garages. Discovering how to keep mice out of your vehicle can save you from the headache and repair costs for the damage they can cause.

Mice are rodents that have a terrible habit of making your house, garage, barn, storage shed, and even your car their homes. Mice are opportunists who seek shelter anywhere they can find, often ending up in structures constructed by humans. Mice are a menace to society as they are destructive, and worst of all, carry diseases wherever they go. At some point, most homeowners, at the very least, have had to deal with the lone mouse on the hunt for food and shelter.

Truth be told, if you see one mouse, the chances are that you are dealing with a whole family of mice. These critters are capable of reproducing at astonishing rates, and if left unchecked, can quickly become an infestation. Due to their unsanitary nature and ability to rapidly reproduce, mice are a serious threat and need to be dealt with immediately to protect your family and home. A professional pest control agency can identify the risk, create a plan to eliminate the threat, and implement preventative measures to keep the danger at bay.


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