How to Keep Roaches Out of Drains

how to keep roaches out of drains

Roaches are one of the most unwelcome insects to find in your house. Most people cringe in disgust when they see a roach. Roaches elicit this reaction from their association with unsanitary conditions and the ability to survive in nearly any environment. Roaches may seem like they are meant to be a pest to humans, but they do play a vital role in their natural habitat. They feed on decaying organic matter and release the nitrogen from that matter into the soil through their feces. Roaches are also a crucial food source for other creatures around the world.

When roaches find their way into your home, not only are they an unsightly house guest, but they are also a severe threat to your family’s health. When you discover that roaches have moved into your house, you will want to get rid of them immediately. Learning how to keep roaches from coming up the drain will help you maintain a roach-free home.

What Are Roaches?

Roaches are an insect that has a very recognizable body type. Different species of roaches vary in size and color, but their overall appearance is the same. Their bodies are oval-shaped and flat, making them easily identifiable. They have six legs, three body segments, two antennae, two eyes, and wings.

Roaches are highly adaptable and can thrive in your home, and if left unchecked, you could be dealing with a full-blown infestation. If you feel that you are facing a roach infestation, a professional pest control agency can help you. An exterminator can identify the threat, put a plan in place to get rid of the infestation, and maintain that plan to deter future invasions. Keeping roaches at bay can prevent contaminated food and surface areas, thus preventing sickness in your household.

How to Keep Roaches Out of Your Drains

Cockroach In SinkRoaches are one of the most common insects found in homes and with good reason. They are experts at finding their way indoors. A roach’s nearly flat body is perfectly designed to squeeze through the smallest crevices, cracks, and holes. This trait allows them to find multiple ways to enter your home. They can sneak in through poorly sealed doors and windows, cracks in your home’s foundations, and through cracks or holes in drain pipes.

Drains are the most enticing entryways for roaches to gain access to your house. Not only will they enter through compromised drain pipes, but they will also live in those same pipes. Drains provide roaches with a sustainable source of food and water. If roaches have taken up residence inside the drains of your house, the following steps will take away their water sources and keep them from coming up the drain:

  • Use a flashlight and check your drains for holes or cracks. Upon finding any holes or cracks, use the appropriate sealant to seal them. You may have to replace pipes with significant damage.
  • Check the faucets of your house for leaks and your sinks for gaps or crevices. Fix any leaking faucets to prevent standing water. Seal any gaps or crevices around your sink or where the drains connect to the sink.
  • Check the areas where the piping of your house comes through walls or floors for excess space. If you find that there are significant gaps around pipes, use expanding, insulating spray foam to seal these trouble areas.
  • Some pipes in your home may produce condensation and will need to be wrapped with insulating foam and tape; this will eliminate the condensation and force roaches to find other sources of water.

How to Keep Roaches from Infesting Your Drains

Roaches that find their way into your drains will remain there as long as they have access to the drain system and a steady supply of food and water; which can be found in your kitchen drain due to food particles that end up down the drain when you are washing and rinsing dirty dishes. Roaches will also come out of the drain at night to scavenge for food particles on the kitchen counters, tables, and the floor. While they are out and about, they will check out your garbage cans as well.

You can help to reduce the food sources roaches need to survive and work towards getting rid of them for good by taking these few simple steps:

  • If you keep garbage cans under your kitchen or bathroom sinks, remove that garbage nightly; this will keep it from attracting roaches and removes a vital food source.
  • Plug your drains at night with metal screens or rubber stoppers. Roaches are nocturnal, so it is essential to do this before you turn in for the night.
  • >Keep your kitchen counters, floors, and tables clean. Place leftover food in sealed containers and remove any other food sources that may attract roaches.
  • Clean your Kitchen sink and drains. Food particles are often washed down your kitchen drain and provide roaches with a never-ending buffet. Using a sink cleaner that is safe on drain pipes is recommended to clear any food particles from your drain.
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes or scraps from dinner in the kitchen sink, especially overnight. Be sure that the dishes are either washed or rinsed and placed in the dishwasher and take any food scraps out before bedtime.

Can Pouring Bleach Down Your Drain Kill Roaches?

Roaches CtaAn old wive’s tale is that bleach can be used to clean out your drain system and to kill roaches that may be living in your drains. Bleach does indeed kill roaches, but it isn’t recommended as a drain system cleaner. Bleach can release toxic fumes from your drains and will eventually cause damage to the entire drain system. You might want to use bleach to create a type of roach-killing spray, but you may want to refrain from pouring it down your tubs or sinks and find alternative drain cleaning methods.

Managing your home in such a way as to keep it clear of roaches and other pests is a full-time job for homeowners. Utilizing the steps discussed throughout this article will help you to maintain a home that is free from the threats that roaches can bring with them and will put your mind at ease. Stopping roaches from coming up your drains will help you protect your family, pets, and home.


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