It’s Rodent Season

rodent season

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It’s been widely told that garages and basements are prime targets for rats and mice, looking to get into homes and businesses. Because smaller rodents like mice require only a quarter of an inch to enter a home or out-building, homeowners can be certain that determined pests will try to gain entry through cracks in the building’s foundation, or gaps in the air conditioner, dryer vents, pipes, or electrical wiring.

Once inside your warm and cozy dwelling, it won’t take long for a serious pest control problem to develop. The female rodent invaders can give birth to a litter of up to ten mice, every thirty days (approximately 120 a year), and these pests breed all year round! As well, because some rats and mice are known carriers of diseases, like salmonella and hantavirus, the real danger for homeowners results when rodent droppings begin to collect; and must be removed safely from the home.

It is recommended that homeowners use a vacuum (Shop-Vac or similar brand), to collect all of the rat and/or mouse droppings they can find, and throw them outdoors; far away from the house or outbuildings. Exterminators and pest control professionals also caution, that whoever will be responsible for collecting and disposing of the rodent droppings, should wear a protective mask to avoid inhaling any of the associated fumes. This precautionary measure is especially important if anyone coming into contact with the rodent droppings suffers from asthma; or any other kind of related respiratory illness.

If you have rodents and looking to get rid of them quickly and effectively, give us a call and learn more about our Rat Shield.