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Atlanta is home to a wide variety of pests that can damage homes and cause harm to humans. Many are a common annoyance and should be controlled as soon as possible to prevent their growing population.


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Atlanta is home to a wide variety of pests that can damage homes and cause harm to humans. Many are a common annoyance and should be controlled as soon as possible to prevent their growing population.

Bulwark Exterminating specializes in eco-friendly treatments to protect properties against bugs and insects. Given Atlanta’s climate and geography, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to seek year-round pest control assistance. If pests are an issue in your home, contact our office today. One of our trained technicians can inspect your property and offer solutions specific to your pest problem. That way, your family can sleep tight at night. With our money-back guarantee and cost-conscious pricing, it’s easy to be bug-free and happy in Atlanta.



Bulwark always does a great job in taking care of my house. Since they started taking care of my place there have been no more black widow spiders and other pests.


We have been using Bulwark for many years. We had a terrible scorpion problem, so that’s what led us to choose Bulwark. They have eliminated the scorpions and we haven’t had any problems since they have been servicing our property. Alex does a great job, texts and sends a picture of his work. Highly recommend.



Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Approach

Bulwark uses an IPM approach for reducing pest populations. IPM is a pest control approach that aims to control pests economically. This approach considers various pest control techniques and implements those that keep pests economically justified while reducing risks to human health and the environment.

IPM promotes healthy crops and eco-system management through the use of natural pest control techniques and mechanisms. This approach is natural and mostly uses non-chemical methods. In some circumstances, pesticides are combined with other processes to achieve an effective result.

IPM’s main areas of concern include prevention, inspection, identification, monitoring, and management. Here are some tips for pest control:

  • Clean gutters. Standing water can increase the pest population. Maintaining clean gutters can help deter pests by reducing water availability outside.
  • Trim trees. Reduce the pest population and prevent indoor invasion by trimming tree branches regularly. Branches should be 3-4 inches from a building.
  • Cut back bushes. Bushes, plants, and mulch should be 12 inches away from buildings at a minimum.
  • Monitor sticky traps. Be mindful of the pest population by regularly checking sticky traps for insects. 
Green Pest Control

When using an IPM approach, it’s best to consider natural pest control methods before toxic products. Bulwark offers green pest control, which uses the best products to keep families and pets safe from harmful chemicals. Using non-toxic methods, a green approach puts human health and the environment at the forefront when managing the pest population.

Bulwark uses EcoSMART products, which is a safe pesticide brand with several products that eliminate pests using natural solutions. It has a complete lineup of products that use essential plant oils to protect buildings against pest inhabitation.

Bulwark also uses chrysanthemum flower-based products. Pyrethrins are natural insecticides made from Chrysanthemum flowers. After the oil has been extracted from a flower, it is made into a solvent or powder that attacks an insect’s nerve system. When combined with other chemicals, it becomes lethal for a wide range of insects. Pyrethrins have a short residual life, which means they often only kill the target pests when applied. Unlike poisonous options, it reduces the risk of eliminating non-target pests.

Apart from the use of natural products, Bulwark uses paperless methods to remain environmentally friendly; this also helps improve customer service through the use of digital technology.

All-Natural Pest Control

Many homeowners want all-natural pesticide solutions that keep family members free from chemical harm; this often leads them to ask for organic options. Though pest control can be organic, it’s important to realize that this method isn’t always safe. For example, arsenic is organic, yet long-term exposure can increase the risk of cancer. Homeowners can rest easy knowing Bulwark has a 100% all-natural ingredient solution for pest control needs, combining safety with effectiveness.

Hybrid Pest Control

Bulwark offers a hybrid treatment that uses all-natural products on the inside of a building and regular treatment services on the building’s exterior; this prevents bugs and other pests from entering the building. All products used are less toxic than toothpaste.

Annoying but Harmless Pests in Atlanta

Though pests are an annoyance, not all pests cause harm and damage to homes. Here are some annoying yet harmless pests you may find in Atlanta:

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are found in homes and other locations with fresh produce. They feed off of rotting or fermented fruit and lay eggs, which can quickly increase their population. Atlanta fruit flies often occur from a sanitation issue and can lead to food contamination if they’re not dealt with promptly. Proper techniques eliminate them from kitchens and other locations where fermented food is present.

June Bugs

Also referred to as June beetles, June bugs are round and plump insects apparent from late May through June. Homeowners typically seek Bulwark pest control when they cause damage to gardens and landscapes.


Common beetles in Atlanta include blister beetles, black turpentine beetles, flower beetles, and eye clicked beetles. Homeowners may unknowingly bring beetles into the home through infested products. Beetles may also find their way indoors for shelter and hide in various locations, including furniture and potted plants. Atlanta homeowners can seek pest control when they infest fabrics, infest food products, or destroy wood.

Pavement Ants

Pavement ants nest under pavement cracks. Though they don’t pose a public health risk, they are an annoyance as they can contaminate food. Atlanta homeowners may find them attracted to seeds, honeydew, honey, bread, nuts, meat, and cheese in their kitchens.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are smelly brown bugs found year-round in Atlanta. These pests release a foul odor as a defense mechanism and feed on various food, including tomatoes, soybeans, peaches, and apples. Heavy infestations warrant the use of pest control services.

Pests That Damage Atlanta Homes

There are also many pests that can cause damage to Atlanta homes.


Atlanta has three termite species: the Eastern Subterranean termite, Formosan termite, and Drywood termite. Though they’re prevalent throughout the year, they’re most common during the spring. Termites are wood-destroying insects that damage buildings and furniture. According to the National Pest Management Association, termites cause more than $5 billion worth of damages per year.


Rats are medium-sized rodents that can cause damage to Atlanta homes. They eat electrical wires, plastic, and are known for having continuously growing teeth. Since the city of Atlanta has a rodent invasion, it’s best to seek professional pest control services to keep them from damaging homes.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are large ants that damage wood, which makes them harmful to Georgia homes. Though these big black ants are wood-destroying organisms, they do not eat the wood. In terms of ants, this type is the most common for homeowners to find.

Atlanta’s Most Painful Pests

Along with annoying and harmful pests, there are also several that are painful. Here are some of the most painful pests in Atlanta:

With the great variety of pests found in the Atlanta area, it’s important to seek professional help as the need arises. Pest control services can also prevent pests from occurring or increasing.






Hornets are wasps that have a dangerous sting that could be fatal. The size of these pests is the main reason their venom is so harmful. Some common hornets in Atlanta include bald-faced hornets and European hornets.

Fire Ants

Fire ants cause intense pain to their victims, leading to itching and skin irritation. Fire ants can also be life-threatening for those with allergies to their venom. Fire ants can spread quickly in Atlanta. When there’s a large infestation, pest control services can eradicate them.


Twenty-five of the 1,500 scorpion species can be fatal to humans. Symptoms can include shortness of breath and convulsions. An insecticide treatment can rid a scorpion infestation.

Black Widow

Black widows are known for being the most venomous spider in the U.S. They live in cool, moist, dark areas. A bite from a black widow is painful and can lead to muscle cramps and severe pain. Bites often occur when they fear they’re being attacked. Their venom is harmful to a human’s nervous system, and they can be life-threatening to children and the elderly.

Wasp (Cicada killer)

The cicada killer wasp is a large wasp found in Atlanta. Female cicada killer wasps have a painful sting, though they’re not as dangerous as they sound. They’re also not aggressive and only sting when they’ve been disturbed.


Mosquitoes are most prevalent during Atlanta’s spring season. They can carry several infections that can harm humans. When they bite, they leave an itchy red bump and have the potential to spread diseases. Other symptoms from mosquito bites can include a fever, muscle pain, or rash.

Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks feed on the blood of animals, which can cause pets to develop anemia. Often found during warmer climates, they can cause an array of health conditions, including allergic reactions and tick-borne illnesses. Atlanta has three common ticks: the brown dog tick, the cat tick, and the deer tick.

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