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Chattanooga pest control is all about helping protect homes from unwanted critters. When your skin is crawling because a spider is tiptoeing across your ceiling, you should call a pest professional.


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Chattanooga pest control is all about helping protect homes from unwanted critters. When your skin is crawling because a spider is tiptoeing across your ceiling, you should call a pest professional. When termites are chewing and your floor is cracking open, you should call a Chattanooga pest control company. When mosquitoes ruin your backyard neighborhood gathering, you waited too long and should’ve called Bulwark the exterminator!

Don’t let those bugs ruin your home any longer, get a quote, and schedule your bug-free life today!



MORE STARS PLEASE!! Of all the services required to maintain a home, pest control is key. After 10 plus years of service the BULWARK EXTERMINATING Co has kept the inside of my home and the entire yard surrounding it Pristine! No ants, bugs, spiders or spider webs. And no rats or mice! Communication and scheduling is effortless and the technicians are professional and thorough. I wholeheartedly recommend this company. Dona Meier


Bernard Lindsay did an excellent job for us today. He showed up on time, provided service, and showed us what was done. We have used Bulwark for many years at our office and more recently our home. They have always been responsive to our needs and done whatever was necessary to control pests, including rats in one instance, at our properties.


Residential Pest Control

Your home should be your safe haven. Residential pest control service helps keep disease carrying, painful stinging, and just plain ugly pests out of your home. With a routine pest control service, your home will be protected by an exterior barrier that is reinforced regularly. Keep the ants, spiders, roaches, and creepy crawly bugs out and grow the happiness in. Call Bulwark today, they do Bug Free & Happy. 

Chattanooga Ticks and Fleas

Did you know there are over 30 species of fleas in Tennessee?

Good ol' Rocky Top Tennessee is covered with beautiful trees but sadly, also nasty ticks and fleas. These pests are in full bloom every summer in Chattanooga. And the worst of tick and flea season hits about the beginning of fall, as the summer breeding boom peaks. Not only are ticks and fleas an annoyance and danger to your dogs and cats, but they are dangerous to humans living in the Appalachian Mountains. According to the CDC, Lyme disease carried by ticks will infect over 300,000 Americans this year. So in short, YES FLEAS AND TICKS ARE A BIG DEAL. 

If your property (home, yard) becomes infested with ticks and/or fleas,  Bulwark will be quick to respond. A specialized service will be performed. Steps for helping you and your pets will be provided. And results are guaranteed. Be worry free again, its as easy as picking up the phone. You've got this. Bulwark will gently and kindly help rid you of ticks and fleas.

Scorpion Control in Chattanooga

Scorpion control in Chattanooga, TN? 

It may come as a shock, but there are scorpions in Chattanooga. The Southern Devil Scorpion (aka Eastern Stripeless,  Southern Unstriped) is native to the Smoky Mountains. Sadly the Striped Bark Scorpion has of recent years reared its ugly head in Chattanooga as well. The Striped Bark Scorpions are more active then their counterparts during the day. They are also more likely to infest homes. 

Given Bulwark's extensive background in fighting more deadly scorpions and in several other cities, Bulwark is your best choice should you need scorpion control. 

Mosquito Pest Control

Buzz, buzz, ouch! Itch, scratch, buzzzzz, buzzzz... UGH!

The calm peaceful night is quickly ruined by a few of these flying blood suckers. Mosquitoes are persistent, and will fly from 1-3 miles to find you! And its hard to hide. They are drawn in by your scent, like you being drawn to the smell of bacon.  In fact, "MOSQUITO REPELLANT" is a lie! Mosquito sprays don't actually repel, they simply hide your odor. Stop hiding and just get rid of those mosquitoes! A professional mosquito service will eliminate their infestation spots where they birth more and more mosquitos. A professional will also mist under foliage where mosquitos nap during the day. One mosquito treatment will make a world of difference, and just in time for your Tennessee BBQ. Do it regularly and we can kill that bad BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ.


Termite Service

Not sure if you have termites? If you don't yet, you will. Call to find out how to protect your home.


CAREERS IN Chattanooga



What Do You Want in a Pest Control Company?

Chattanooga offers a variety of licensed pest control businesses to select from. But what you don’t want to do is hire a guy that buys the same stuff and offers little more than a do-it-yourself approach. You want a professional, one that specializes in residential pest control. An experienced pro makes scheduling easy and puts the service into pest control service. You want a 5-Star Rating and Money Back Guarantee to back up that rating. Here is a short list of things you want in a pest control company.
1- Background checked, and drug-screened technicians
2- Green pest control products and all-natural options where possible
3- Free retreats if the bugs come back
4- A 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee
5- Award-winning and Highly rated

Where Do you Need Pest Control Service?

Appalachian Mountains, it should be expected that wildlife and insects alike are in plenty; this means that your home will have the constant pressures of outdoor pests wanting to enter. So, where do you need pest control service? A pest control professional should treat around your yard, focusing on planted areas that receive more water and fertile soil. Fumigating the crawlspace isn’t necessary, but quality dusting with the right products should be applied to your home. Treating the inside walls via outlets and pipes is another layer of pest protection. Garages are good areas to focus on. Spraying baseboards inside of your home is generally frowned upon these days. It is best to concentrate on cracks, crevices, and entry points. The most important area where you need regular pest control service is around the outside base of the home.

How Often Should I have a Termite Inspection?

Chattanooga has major termite concerns. A termite inspection is required before the sale of a home. As a homeowner, you should request a termite inspection anytime you see termite activity. But termite inspections alone will not prevent termite infestations. Termite infestations should be prevented with soil treatments and/or baiting stations. The frame of a home can also be treated during the construction phase for ideal termite prevention. If you do not have a termite plan, protect your home and get one today. Once on a termite protection plan, you should have your termite inspections every couple of years. Your pest control service provider will schedule those with your plan.

Why Choose Bulwark Exterminating?

If you are looking for a green pest control service that is confident enough to offer FREE RETREATS and a 100% SATISFACTION MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, then Bulwark is the right choice. And you shouldn’t take just our word for it. 100’s of your neighbors have reviewed Bulwark online, giving Bulwark the Super Service Award and the Favorite Place on Google recognition that a 5 Star Service deserves. Just check; people love us on Yelp. In the end, Bulwark offers not only a quality product, but the service level is what sets Bulwark apart. There are a few Chattanooga pest control operations to choose from, but none of them have Our People. And ultimately, Our People Make the Difference.

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