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Regular pest control helps homeowners and businesses alike stay bug-free. With its high annual rainfall, moderate to hot temperatures, and waterfront location, Corpus Christi, Texas, has the perfect environment for some of the most persistent pests around.


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Regular pest control helps homeowners and businesses alike stay bug-free. With its high annual rainfall, moderate to hot temperatures, and waterfront location, Corpus Christi, Texas, has the perfect environment for some of the most persistent pests around. That’s why Bulwark Exterminating is determined to provide residents and business owners with proactive treatment methods to ward off these small but destructive insects.



We’ve been using Bulwark since shortly after moving 7 months ago, and Tim has always done an outstanding job. Right after moving in, a tarantula roamed into my garage and he came out and treated it immediately (and calmed my nerves too). He is professional, responsive, and always on time. Thanks Tim and Bulwark team for always going out of your way to help!


Had a termite problem coming out of my ceiling – Landon Lowe took care of it! Great work. Very pleased.



The Need for Pest Control in Corpus Christi

Residential Pest Control Services

Residential pest control services include pest-ridding treatments so homeowners have a protected place where they can relax and enjoy life. Why? Because homeowners deserve a bug-free home where they can feel safe.

Bulwark Exterminating offers excellent customer service and quality residential pest control. We use safe extermination methods to get rid of unwanted bugs and prevent them from invading your residence. Our service technicians know how to examine potential pest-infested areas and prevent you from accumulating massive property damage. These measures also help promote a healthy home that’s safe for children and pets.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Commercial pest control services tackle pest-related issues within restaurants, shops, and businesses to uphold public safety standards and prevent pest-borne diseases from spreading. They can also help farmers arm their crops against pests and protect food production.

Bulwark Exterminating offers safe solutions and preventive actions against pests that pose a threat to your business and its livelihood. We complete inspections and perform treatments in restaurant kitchens, office buildings, and commercial farming locations, among others.

5 Common Pests in Corpus Christi

All pests wreak havoc on your livelihood, but there are a particular few you need to watch out for if you live in or around Corpus Christi, Texas. Here are five of the most common pests that residents in this area know all too well.

Fire Ants

Fire ants are dangerous pests that prefer sunny areas with dry soil conditions, making Corpus Christi a popular habitat. Fire ant mounds can grow to 2 feet wide and 7 inches high, with as many as 100,000 or more fire ants living inside.
It is crucial to get rid of fire ants, and most importantly, understand how to prevent them from moving onto your property. One or more fire ant bites can cause anything from a fiery sting to a life-threatening allergic reaction to the ant’s venom.
You might bring fire ants onto your property if you plant flowers or other greenery that has been infested by them while in plant nurseries. When shopping for plants at your local garden store, make sure you remove the plant from its pot and break up the soil a bit; if fire ants emerge, do not purchase it.
Grass sod is another potential home for these venomous ants. If you currently have grass sod on your property and have started to notice fire ants, they could have come in with contaminated sod material.
You can potentially eliminate fire ant colonies by using a combination of liquid insecticides and bait stations. First, establish each of the colony’s entrance points. These should appear as mounds of dirt on the ground’s surface, but they give way to intricate tunnels underneath. For the most effective results, pour the liquid insecticide down each entrance hole, and place bait stations around the perimeter. Bulwark Pest Control would be glad to help you with ridding your yard of fire ants.
If you want to use a home remedy, there are two methods you can try. The first only requires a shovel, a large bucket, and water. Using the shovel, dig up the entire colony, place it in a large bucket, and fill it with water; this will drown the ants inside the colony.
The second method involves hot, boiling water, so you must wear long-sleeved clothing to protect your skin. Pouring boiling water into each entrance hole will scorch the ants inside the colony. The only downside to this method is the potential for the hot water to kill the surrounding grass or vegetation.


Fleas aren’t just a nuisance; they can also be a significant threat to pet and human safety. They can potentially carry tapeworms or harmful bacteria that can infect the animals or humans they bite.

Further, fleas can easily lay thousands of eggs in households and yards. If you do not own pets and have noticed fleas in or around your home, this could be a sign that raccoons, skunks, feral cats, and other wild animals have made a home in your attic, chimney, basement, or yard.

Fleas are no laughing matter, and you need to take immediate action, so your property does not get infested. Contact one of our technicians to stop your flea problem before it wreaks havoc on your home life.


Because Corpus Christi is a waterfront city, mosquitoes are prevalent. Any areas with standing water, such as ponds, rain gutters, birdbaths, swamps, and gardening pots, provide the perfect environment for mosquito larvae to grow.

The main risk factor with these insects is the diseases they can spread to humans and animals. One of the most common mosquito-borne diseases in the United States is the West Nile virus. Its presence in mosquitoes is an important reason to enlist pest control services to prevent illness.


Cockroaches (also called sewer roaches or American roaches), waterbugs, or palmetto bugs, are pests that can easily go undetected until they’ve reproduced and doubled in size. They typically like to reside under dryers and washing machines, by water heaters, under sinks, or in other dark and damp places.
After you have seen a cockroach on your property or identified the conditions they like, have a pest control technician assess and treat your property and take steps to prevent cockroaches from moving in.


Termites can destroy the foundation of your home or business when they go unnoticed, making for dangerous building conditions and costly repairs. The two main species of termites that you need to watch out for are drywood termites and subterranean termites.

Drywood termites nest and lay their eggs inside wooden structures, eating from the inside out, whereas subterranean termites require more moisture, nesting in the ground and building mud tubes that scale up the sides of structures. Mud tubes allow them to stay protected while finding ways into a structure and eating away at it.

To determine whether your property might be susceptible to termite damage, have a pest control technician carry out an inspection and recommend preventive methods.

Pest Prevention Plan

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers pest-ridding solutions that don’t harm the environment. You can also search the EPA’s website for particular pesticides and identify the risk factors associated with each. If you choose to use a pesticide, limit its exposure to sun and heat. Products break down with time; therefore, we recommend ongoing treatments every other month to stay one step ahead of invading pests. Depending on the methods you are using, you might have to reapply every 30 to 60 days. Regular treatments help ensure your property remains protected.

Another vital element to your pest prevention plan is maintaining the exterior barrier around your home. Fill in crevices and reinforce the outermost layer of your home so the bugs stay outside while you can feel safe inside.

Other Regular Treatments

In addition to scheduling routine pest control, you might consider regular treatments such as:

Mosquito fogging for the yard

Fogging is a mosquito-ridding treatment that an experienced technician applies in the early or late parts of the day. These professionals identify areas on your property where mosquitoes originate and use special fog machines to mist your yard with safe insecticides. You can also purchase a fog machine yourself at a specified location. You should apply the insecticide mist every three weeks or any time you notice increased mosquito numbers.

Termite Inspections

Termite inspections are routine measures to determine whether your property could be susceptible to termite damage. You should receive a termite inspection from a pest control professional at least once a year. If you have seen insects that look like termites or have encountered damaged wood or mud tubes, contact your pest control specialist immediately for a quick solution.

Special bait stations

Termite bait stations are devices you or your pest control professional can install. Place these stations in the ground surrounding the perimeter of your home (for subterranean termites) or aboveground (for drywood termites). They contain poisonous wood and other materials that termites like to eat. When the termites find the bait station, they take the materials back to their colony to share, killing the group of termites that eat it.

Contact one of our Corpus Christi pest control technicians at the first sign of insect or rodent infestation or damage. Solving pest issues early can keep structures and inhabitants safe and give you peace of mind.

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