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Want to be and happy in your Greensboro home? Sure – we all do! While bugs are a natural part of this world, they don’t have to inhabit your home, eat your food, and crawl around while you are sleeping.


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Want to be bug-free and happy in your Greensboro home? Sure – we all do! While bugs are a natural part of this world, they don’t have to inhabit your home, eat your food, and crawl around while you are sleeping. It doesn’t matter how clean you keep your home — insects can and will become your roommates if you don’t have proper and consistent pest control in place to deter them.

If you want to hire a top-rated service to protect your home and property from ants, mosquitoes, termites, rats, spiders, and other creepy-crawly pests, consider Bulwark Exterminating. Our pest control services in Greensboro, North Carolina, will give you comfort and the peace of mind that your bug situation is under control. We deal with the pests, so you don’t have to.



DanDi was helpful, professional and responsive. He helped treat a scorpion issue in our home! We are so grateful!


Great and very friendly technician. rob makes sure he covers my garage floor and all entries to house. I hate scorpions but at least with Bulwark I know I have the best coverage available.



You probably know the feeling of having to grab the nearest shoe when you see an insect crawling through your home or wanting to move out after hearing rats scurrying around in your attic or crawl space. Even one pest can seem like too much to handle. So why put up with it? Our service is award-winning, and our professionals are top-rated. Most importantly, they want to help rid your home of nuisances and pest infestations as well as control the arrival of new ones.

Because bugs and rodents are so small, they’re more adept at finding the perfect space in your home to nestle in. A skilled pest control specialist knows exactly what to look for when trying to scout out an unwelcome visitor, and they will treat the area accordingly.

Schedule regular pest control services to help keep your house pest-free and rid yourself of the stress and anxiety that come with having bugs in your home.

Services Offered

An estimated 10 quintillion individual insects are alive on Earth at any one time. This figure might be hard to fathom, but as experts, we don’t doubt it. So how do you control pest presence in your home and make it safe and comfortable for your family? We have the answers.


The first step in the start of any ongoing pest control service is the inspection. During an inspection, our experts will look for signs of infestations, including home damage, nests, and webs both inside and outside your home. We will examine any areas through which an insect could access your house or would find attractive enough to live in. We’ll then be able to determine if your home needs specific pest control treatments and offer suggestions for what you can do to aid in keeping pests out of your house.

Termite Control

Termites are some of the sneakiest insects because they live in the wood of your home and the dirt outside. You have to know what to look for to determine if you have active termites inside and surrounding your home. Termites are more than just nuisances; because they feast on the wood in your home and the soil around it, they can also cause structural damage.

It takes a professional to root out these aptly nicknamed “silent destroyers” and keep your home structurally sound. Professional termite control includes a liquid termite treatment that disorients the nest as well as bait that spreads quickly throughout the colony, including to the queen.

Ant Control

Ant control is tricky because you have to know the kind of ant you are dealing with before selecting the right treatment method. A top-rated professional from Bulwark can identify the ants in your home, choose the appropriate bait, and place it where it will be most effective — steps that other pest control companies might not take or even realize makes a difference. Our ant control solution also comes with an ant-free and money-back guarantee.

Spider Control

You certainly don’t want spiders making their webs in the corners of your home – even if they do typically like to be left alone, are generally harmless, and sometimes even act as natural pest control by eating other bugs. You could have an infestation of spiders and not know it because spiders like to hide out in hard-to-see cracks and crevices. A professional can find these hideouts, identify the spider type, and remedy the infestation properly.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are nuisances, and their bites can hurt and spread diseases such as West Nile virus. Did you know, however, that you can control the mosquitoes around your home and avoid getting those itchy, swollen bites? With a regular spray application from our trained professionals, it’s possible to experience fewer mosquitoes, even during peak mosquito season.

Rodent Control (Mice & Rats)

Rodents such as mice and rats can cause significant damage inside your home, and you may not realize it until it’s too late. Damage repair can be very costly. A pest control technician can help you get rid of your rodent problem by determining how they are accessing your home, leaving traps out to bait them, and explaining how to close their points of entry and prevent further infestation.

Other Pests

You might also encounter other pests, such as silverfish, house crickets, fleas, cockroaches, and scorpions, in and around your home. Although not all of these pests are harmful and some are found in less abundance than others, there are still ways to prevent and control them. If you believe you have a pest infestation of any type, we would love to share our solutions.

Green Pest Control Products

Pest control products used around your home should be effective for the target pests and safe for the environment. The most frequent question homeowners ask when researching services for their families is, “Is it safe for my kids and pets?”

Our project goal is to provide effective treatments while keeping product toxicity as low as possible. Nobody, including your pets, will have to vacate the premises when we perform treatment, no matter the kinds of pests we’re targeting.


Of course, any pest control company is only as good as its technicians. We are proud to say that ours are well trained to provide only the best services to our customers. We are also a top-rated business because of our accountability and commitment to our work, as well as our knowledge of both common and uncommon pests and critters. We are a family-owned pest control company, and we take that seriously, treating you like our own.

It is because of our commitment to excellence that 97% of our customers recommend us, and we honor a 100% money-back guarantee.


At Bulwark, we use the best products in the world, known for their effectiveness in solving pest control issues. We have hybrid and all-natural active treatments available.

Prevent Infestations

Pest control service isn’t just necessary for unwanted visitors that are already in your home. It also includes the proactive treatment of your home to help deter insects and rodents from entering in the first place. Our exterminators can educate you on how to keep these pests away.

Much of prevention depends on the sort of pest you’re dealing with, but keeping a clean home can help significantly. Make sure to take out the trash and put all your food away at the end of the day. We can educate you on what certain critters look for when entering your home. Having this information handy will give you a fresh perspective when tidying your house, and you’ll be able to determine where a bug or rodent is likely to hang out.

Do you have a pile of clothes left neglected in the corner of your closet? That sounds like a great spot for a spider to hide. What about the forgotten bag of lawn scraps in your garage from your most recent landscaping? It could make for a very attractive rat’s nest, especially in the colder months when they seek a warm place to settle down. Keep these tips in mind for preventing the arrival of bugs and other insects.

Healthy Homes

“Bulwark” translates to “protective barrier,” and we take that literally. We help you plan for a healthy home by treating your foundation and yard to prevent pests from invading. Doing so can significantly reduce the amount of treatment needed inside your house. Stop bugs at the source with our protective barrier treatment, and feel relieved that your home has a shield around it as the first line of defense.

Ready to keep pests out and only welcomed human guests and pets in? Contact us to request an inspection, after which we will be able to make service recommendations.

Knowing that pests are in your past, you can feel comfortable having visitors over, be content with your home, and experience peace and relaxation. At Bulwark, we help you stay bug-free and happy in your home.

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