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The Knoxville branch of Bulwark Pest Control provides the highest quality services, creating safer environments for our customers. Due to its expansive forests and humid climate, Tennessee tends to be a breeding ground for common pests.


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The Knoxville branch of Bulwark Pest Control provides the highest quality services, creating safer environments for our customers. Due to its expansive forests and humid climate, Tennessee tends to be a breeding ground for common pests. Thus, many homeowners opt for regular pest control services. We provide quotes and services to those within the Greater Knoxville area. It’s our mission to create a safe and happy environment for your family so you can enjoy living in Knoxville.



Conner E. did a great job checking my home for pests on 03/22/24. He sprayed all external electrical plugs, and key areas such as bathrooms. Importantly, he did not spray everywhere inside the home. I have used Bulwark for a few years. Always good service and Dog Friendly sprays have prevented issues with bugs and rodents.


We are grateful for Logan’s thorough work. He is always courteous and assures us that he will take care of things if we need him to come back for greater pest control. So far, all has been good and we haven’t had to call.



What Is Pest Control?

Pest control is the process of managing insects or small animals that adversely impact human activities. Management and control methods depend on the amount of damage caused. Specialists use tactics to deter pests, or in severe cases, eradicate them altogether.

What Does a Pest Control Service Do?

Pest control technicians prevent and control bothersome pests by first inspecting the home. They determine if a pest-related problem exists and, if so, the extent of the problem. They identify the pest species and look for signs of structural damage due to their invasion. If you sign up for a regular service, technicians come to your home as necessary to spray, seal off potential entry points, and conduct any other work unique to your situation.

Treatment Methods

We employ several methods when addressing different types of pests.


Baiting pests involves dressing a pest control product to make it more attractive to the target species. This draws them out to either eat it or share it with their respective colonies. Baiting is one of the more effective methods because many species notice spray and dust products and avoid them. Keep in mind, however, that baiting is a slow process that requires time to be truly effective. It’s fairly safe to use within the home, as baiting products generally contain 5% or less of the active pest control ingredients. This amount is only enough to cause harm to targeted pests.


We most commonly use traps when targeting rodents or other small mammals. Snap traps and glue traps are some of the most common. We use hanging glue traps for flying insects such as flies and gnats. Glue traps are usually bright in color or shiny and reflective, attracting many of these smaller nuisances. Additionally, beetle traps are very effective against small roaches, beetles, and similar pests. Some animals, such as certain rodent species, often require unique traps built specifically for them.

Crevice Treatments

Areas such as plumbing under the sink, space behind large appliances such as dishwashers, and even along window sills are preferred locations for many pests. Narrow cracks and crevices form within these small nooks and crannies. We typically treat these areas with sprays and dusts to temporarily deter most pests. We use injection tubes to seal off cracks. Ingredients within the injector solution encourage common pests to avoid these areas.

Exterior Power Spray

Exterior power sprays are one of our more common treatments, in which we apply pest control solution spray along the perimeter of your home. This creates a protective barrier that many pests, both large and small, do their best to avoid. Power sprays are excellent, long-term pest solutions that many exterminators provide. Although safe, interior sprays may have an undesirable smell, preventing you from using treated rooms within your home for a short period. Using exterior sprays as an early precautionary measure prevents you from having to resort to this route indoors.

In-Wall Treatments

Pests that damage internal structures of homes, such as termites, often require in-wall treatments. Technicians deposit sprays around plumbing, cabling, and other vulnerable structures. Doing so prevents termites and other pests from causing nearby damage. Repeated use and full coverage discourage pests from entering your walls in the first place.

Yard Spot Treatments

Some areas within your yard are more likely to attract bugs than others. This is especially true with uneven terrain or poor drainage. When water pools, it attracts pests such as mosquitoes. They lay their eggs on or near the water, causing an eventual increase in the nearby population. These situations require regular and ongoing treatments throughout the year.

8 Common Knoxville Pests

Those living in the Greater Knoxville area may be familiar with some of the following pests:


Ticks are bloodsucking insects known to spread Lyme disease. They’re closely related to spiders, sprouting eight legs from their flat and round bodies. Ticks are no larger than appleseeds, but they grow in size temporarily as they eat. They often reside in forests or dense shrubs, latching onto anything that walks by.


Termites are insects that feed on wood, making them some of the most damaging pests. They split into two categories: worker and swarmer. Workers are cream-colored and rarely seen. They remain within walls or trees as they eat their surroundings. Swarmers have dark coloration and might have wings. Guard your home against these invasive pests with the help of Knoxville Bulwark Pest Control.


Mosquitoes are flying, biting insects that often carry a wide range of diseases. Females need to feed on human or animal blood to produce viable eggs. They find their hosts through scent, heat, and the exhalation of carbon dioxide.

Black Widow Spiders

Black widows are black spiders known for the red hourglass shape on their abdomens. They have very painful and venomous bites. Side effects caused by their bites include nausea, muscle aches, and paralysis within the diaphragm. Black widows often live in dark, dry shelters such as barns and garages.

Brown Recluses

Brown recluses are brown spiders with potent venom. The bite is often not felt, nor does it come with immediate pain. However, their venom causes symptoms such as fever and, in rare cases, necrosis. Most brown recluse bites occur when the spiders get trapped against the skin, usually in clothes, shoes, and gloves. They prefer dark, narrow hiding places within homes.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are similar to bumblebees but have shiny, black abdomens rather than furry stripes. Instead of living in hives like their relatives, carpenter bees live in underground burrows. They’re generally docile and only sting if provoked within their burrow. However, they often cause structural damage by burrowing into wood and laying eggs.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are one of the largest ant species in the United States. They grow up to 13 millimeters in length and are typically black. They build nests in damp wood, making storm-damaged homes prime targets. They build tunnels within the wood, weakening it and potentially causing significant structural damage.

Orb Weavers

Orb weaver spiders vary widely in size and appearance. Their most defining trait is their large, circular, wheel-like webs. Orb weavers are brightly colored and have eight hairy legs connected to a combined head and thorax, called a cephalothorax.

Seasonal Pest Control

Changing seasons and weather patterns significantly impact common pests’ behaviors.


Rodents, spiders, and ants are some of the most common winter pests. Small mammals often find their way indoors when outside temperatures drop. Spiders do the same, following other pests inside due to the lack of food. Ants also find their way in to keep the colony warm and safe and search for additional food sources.


Carpenter bees, ticks, and termites are some of the most common spring pests. These and similar insects mate in spring, making them more prevalent this time of year. Many are attracted to homes, as high populations force them to find new hunting areas and hiding holes. Termites swarm after spring showers, making homes near wooded areas likely targets.


Warm summer temperatures of 80 degrees Fahrenheit and higher are perfect for ticks, mosquitoes, and stinging insects. When mosquito and tick populations increase, so does the likelihood of diseases such as Zika, West Nile virus, and yellow fever spreading. Stinging insects can cause anaphylactic shock to those sensitive to their venom. Heavy rains fill sewers and herd roaches above ground, while high temperatures encourage ants to forage for food rather than seek it on the surface. Summer is a complicated season with high pest populations, but you can live peacefully if you have regular pest control service.


As temperatures drop once more, pest populations become scarce. The most common pests you might encounter are crickets heading indoors with the arrival of cooler temps. During this downtime is when you can prepare your home and property for next year’s pests. Preparing in advance deters most common bugs from entering your domain in the first place.

Whether you need a regular preventive service or an emergency extermination, Bulwark Pest Control of Knoxville can help. Only local experts can effectively manage pests centralized in the Greater Knoxville area. With our many service options available, we help you be bug-free and feel safe in your home.


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