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Phoenix Pest Control by Bulwark, manages pests in and around structures. To feel safe in their homes again, homeowners seek professional services to administer and maintain the pest activity.


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Phoenix Pest Control by Bulwark, manages pests in and around structures. To feel safe in their homes again, homeowners seek professional services to administer and maintain the pest activity. With many full-service options available for integrated pest management (IPM), consumers seek experience, expertise, and natural solutions to determine the healthiest, most effective option for their homes. Quotes vary based on the professional’s knowledge about lawn pests like wood-destroying termites, mosquitoes in the lawn, fleas on indoor pets, animal control, insect control, and the required breadth of services.

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Rob from Bulwark has done our yard many times. He’s always on time and always sprays exactly where we want him to. He’s been here enough times that he remembers all of the hotspots without us having to tell him. He does a great job. Our scorpion problem is very well controlled. He’s also very personable.


Riley Clark is a great service pro! He remembered exactly what I prefer in/around the house – take shoes off / put on boot covers, spray under the window shades, heavy treatment on the front and back door and replace bait in the outside rodent boxes. He’s respectful, actively listens and provides great suggestions. Thank you!!



Hiring Pest Control Professionals

Pest control professionals must be trained and pass state certifications tests in order to practice and charge as and expert. Many Phoenix pest control professionals will begin their education at the University of Phoenix or Arizona State pursuing studies in Etymology. Book smarts get professionals started, but hours of on the job, infield work are required to be a certified pest control operator and the responsible party for an entire pest control company. Every place of business that wishes to charge for pest control must have a Qualifying Party (QP). Every technician must work under a qualifying party and pass exams each year.

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Finding a service that meets the basic requirements to operate in Phoenix is easy. Going beyond qualifying for a license comes the experience portion of the exterminator of hire. Taking it one step further, understanding the background of a pest professional whom homeowners will be trusting to come inside their homes is also weighed heavy in the hiring process. Most consumers feel reassured when a company performs background checks for criminal history and drug tests for drug use.

The smile tops the success of professionals off. Knowing how to kill bugs, having a license, and providing a grump face does not equal professional. Professionals have the knowledge, skills, and the etiquette to make homes bug free and customers happy.


Many professionals will list the years they have been in business: “Family pest control service since 1999”. When hiring the right professional experience matters as those that have been around longer have seen more and dealt with the vast array of pest problems in the Phoenix area. Understanding the different methods to use on a cockroach population that has become pesticide resistant is a matter of experience. Tracking mice and rats and spotting their entry points and nesting areas comes with experience. While the price tag on experience may seem hire, it the long wrong, getting it done right will save time, headaches, and having to hire multiple less experienced exterminators.


What new practitioners lack in experience they can overcome with proper training. Where service pros are quality trained in house by experienced stewards, one will find consistent and reliable service across an entire company. On going training means getting to higher tiers faster. On going training also means preventing troughs in the quality of service.

Service Call/ Treatment Guide

Service Call

Each visit to a customer’s home is a service call. Each service call will vary in time based on the service or services being provided. Home owners may not need to be home for each service.

Service Guide

When the professional shows up to provide service the first time, the pro will want to start on the inside and flush the bugs out. Proper insect control will rid bugs from the interior, treating behind walls, around entry points, and in cracks and cervices where bugs hide. The trained professional will then treat the exterior of the home working around water points, shrubs, flower beds, and trees. For long term control the exterior of the home should be treated regularly to prevent the bugs from ever getting back inside. The leading source of bugs is not in homes, but in the outdoors. Repeat services often to keep the bugs outside from getting inside. Specialty pests such as fleas will require a unique service guide and a homeowner will need to prepare the home for service. A home owner will also need to the leave the home during a tick and flea service. The Scorpion Truck is a unique program provided in the Phoenix/Mesa Arizona area that uses an exterior sweep, a block wall dust, and scorpion traps to control Arizona Bark Scorpions. These unique services and other customized service do require more time and someone on site to grant access.

Regular Service Calls

The regular service call is for the maintaining of an exterior barrier preventing pest or rodents from entering a home again. The exterior service starts at the base of the home and moves up the wall a few feet and into the yard a few feet. Entry points are spayed heavy. Moisture points are hit in the yard. Homeowners do not need to be home for regular service calls.

Customer Property

A customer’s property is a customer’s safe place. Customer’s don’t want pests bugging them inside of their home. Arizona is full of beautiful properties. All along the harbor, near the expansive forests, and in the heart of Phoenix and Seattle, pest threaten to destroy the peace and comfort of homes. Don’t let your property become riddled with ants, roaches, spiders, and rats. Squirrels have their place in the world just as insects do; outside. Out in the woods helping maintain the ecosystem. Termites are fantastic at turning dead trees into plant food. But your property is yours, and you should protect your property from those invasive outdoor pests.

A Healthy Home

A home is your family’s living space. You want your home to healthy. Pests that invade homes can bring unwanted germs, allergens, and even disease. Pesticides used to combat pests may also cause health concerns. Homeowners want to have a solution that is pet and kid friendly. With an integrated pest management solution, organic and natural products can be used on the inside of the home, and longer lasting encapsulated products can be used on the exterior of the home. A hybrid combination assures the lowest exposure to animals and humans, while getting the highest efficacy of the pest control technologies available today. The ideal scenario is to rid a home of pests and then only treat the exterior of the home to keep the pests from getting back in.

Customer Services

When it comes to quality pest control, CUSTOMERS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. If you are unhappy with a technician, then let the customer service representatives know. If you are unhappy with a customer service representative, then let the customer services manager know. We’re not satisfied until you are. If bugs come back in between a regular service call, then we come back for free. If a technician fails to show up on time without calling prior, the next service is free. And Bulwark offers a money back guarantee.

Customer Satisfaction

If you don’t love the service then you are not a satisfied customer by Bulwark standards. Our customer satisfaction goal is that the service provided, the relationship maintained, and smiles given lead customers to love us. Happy customers make good business sense. They advocate for us by referring friends and family. We achieve high levels of customer satisfaction by listening to our customers. We don’t always get it right the first time, but we will always work to make it right. What can we do to help you love the service more?

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