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Pest Control in Saint George, Utah, is a common service among homeowners. Many homes in the area are concerned with protection from spiders, ants, mice, rats, wasps, and the wood-destroying termites.


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Pest Control in Saint George, Utah, is a common service among homeowners. Many homes in the area are concerned with protection from spidersantsmice, ratswasps, and the wood-destroying termites. Some pests, like bed bugs and termites, will require an inspection before booking a service call. To hire the right pest management provider, check for a Satisfaction Guarantee, Screened and Back Ground Checked Pros, and 5-Star Reviews. In the end, the story is the same, “I don’t want bugs in my home. I see pests, and I feel uncomfortable! How do I get rid of them? How do I keep them out?”



Bernard Lindsay did an excellent job for us today. He showed up on time, provided service, and showed us what was done. We have used Bulwark for many years at our office and more recently our home. They have always been responsive to our needs and done whatever was necessary to control pests, including rats in one instance, at our properties.


Been using Bulwark for almost 2 years now, and I’m always extremely impressed with both our termite and pest services. Patrick with termites is very educated in termite management, and Joel always takes the time to treat our whole house, and Playset. I recommend Bulwark to everyone!



General St. George Pest Control Service

General pest control service in St. George, UT should cover your common household pests, namely: spiders, ants, scorpions, beetles, silverfish, pillbugs, earwigs, mice, and a few other creepy crawling insects.  Roaches will have an additional service cost if a home is infested with German cockroaches. Bed Bugs is a specialty pest that requires a unique treatment plan. Rats that have damaged property often require exclusion work. Fleas and ticks need more than a general pest control service spray. Termites require additional training and warranties along with a highly targeted service and procedure. Prevention is the key. A regular pest control service preventing damage or infestation is your best bet. Choose to be bug-free and happy. Start today.

Getting a Quote for Saint George Pest Control

How much does pest control in Saint George, Utah cost? As stated above, the cost will vary based on the services needed. Termite control, roach control, rat control, bed bug eradication, and flea and tick elimination will all have a higher price tag than a general integrated pest management program. Regular prevention service will save your sanity and your wallet from some of the big-ticket items that could have been prevented.

To get an accurate quote and price, a professional will need a few details about the size of your home and the pest problems you are facing. Luckily, most of the services St. George residents request fall under Bulwark’s general pest control plan. Typically it is the termite and bed bug services that exceed $1000. Ballpark figures on roaches and fleas will be under $200. General pest control is even less than that. If your peace of mind is worth a little time and money, then get a quote now, online, by chatting with a professional.

Southern Nevada

As St. George does border Nevada, it is important to know which St. George exterminators can cross borders. Mesquite, NV residents can use Bulwark exterminating as their pest control service. Bulwark Exterminating is licensed in the state of Nevada.

Northern Arizona

Beaver Dam, Littlefield, and Scenic Arizona are all towns and areas that Bulwark can cover. Bulwark is licensed by the State of Arizona in the Northern parts to provide residential pest management services.

If spiders make your skin crawl, if ants make you dump all of your pantry, or if roaches make your stomach churn…


Be Bug Free & Happy TODAY!

It breaks our hearts to see people annoyed, uneasy, and anxious over bugs in their homes. It is our duty to help you rid your life of those invasive pests! If your not happy then we are not happy. And if your not satisfied then we refund your money. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money-Back. Stop worrying and start living bug free and happy.

Is pest control safe for my pests?

Pets run around, sticking their noses in everything. And you love their cuteness despite this. Let’s face it, the idea that the pet you love might rub its nose against something meant to kill living creatures is a little scary. But, is your pet an insect? Is it an arachnid? Is it a fish out of water? (If you answered yes to any of those then we might have a problem proceeding) If your pet is a healthy mammal, then guess what, it does not have the same nerve endings as an insect. Pesticides in use today can target the specific nerve endings of insects, making the product only effective against insects. Dogs, cats, and humans are mammals and don’t need to worry about those products. You can also ask about a hybrid pest control service to get the all-natural combined with micro-encapsulated products and services.

Is pest control expensive?

What is the price of a good night’s sleep? How much food do you have stored in your pantry, and what would the cost be to replace your food storage? Expensive is relative. If your pest tolerance level is high enough to see a few bugs and not get squeamish, then maybe there isn’t much value in hiring a pest control service. But the cost of a termite repair when termites damage a home’s frame is expensive. Again, expensive is relative. You will likely be surprised at how little good pest control costs. Get a professional pest control quote for your home and experience the difference and the value that comes. The low monthly price or every other month’s expense is worth being bug-free and feeling safe in your home.

Are there degrees of pest infestation?

Bugs live outside. Pests have lived in the wild for a longer time than man has lived on earth. They are everywhere and out number humans 200,000,000 to 1. But bugs matter and they are needed to keep the planet in balance. We simply want to control them so that they don’t live in our homes, but stay outside in the wild. When you build a home on top of insect infested dirt, your home starts out fairly bug free. As you bring in more water to your home and property the bugs start to flourish. In very little time the bug population has boomed. Most pests don’t infest a home overnight. It will take some time to forge, establish, and then colonize. So YES, INFESTATION COMES IN WAVES.

Can I trust the pest control reviews?

When hiring an exterminator, it makes sense to check the online reviews. But, sometimes anonymous reviews seem too good to be true. So how do you trust all of those good reviews? Here are a few tips to help you find a highly reviewed St. George exterminator that you can trust.

Start with where the reviews are. Yelp reviews have a higher bar and filter. Google reviews are often more plentiful, but they are easier to leave. Facebook is a good mix because reviews are tied to users and faces. A good company should have good reviews. And those good reviews should have a good mix of locations. You want to make sure that the 5-stars is truly 5-stars across all the big sites (Google, Yelp, Facebook). Having a poor rating on any of these sites should send up a red flag. And keep in mind that no pest control service is perfect. There should be a couple of bad reviews, and more telling is how the company handles a complaint. Bulwark doesn’t get it right every time. When we get it wrong, we fix it. And we have guarantees in place to assure you that we will fix it, like a Money-Back Guarantee.

Back it up with BBB Ratings

The real cherry on top of good reviews is the BBB rating. BBB ratings are trusted because feedback is not anonymous and the BBB mitigates customers and businesses. No company is going to be perfect. So to know how they handle real customers that have had less than a desirable experience check the BBB ratings.

The sooner you start a prevention plan, the better. If you have seen a bug or two or three inside, then start quickly. And if you know you have an infestation, then you could let it go longer because it may not get much worse, but it is improbable just to go away. It is also unlikely that you will end up on the news for some of the worst infestations of the world. Talk to a professional, and we will diagnosis your infestation and its level for you.






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