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Proper pest control in the Salt Lake area comes naturally to the professionals at Bulwark Exterminating. Our trained staff has years of experience in providing homes and commercial buildings with safe pest-free solutions.


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Proper pest control in the Salt Lake area comes naturally to the professionals at Bulwark Exterminating. Our trained staff has years of experience in providing homes and commercial buildings with safe pest-free solutions. Because our company is family-owned and operated, you can expect superior service that leaves your family with a warm sense of security and confidence.



Phillip Herrera just finished at my house. Extremely professional and courteous! He spent extra time treating over 20 ant mounds that popped up in by backyard after all the rain this week. Would recommend Phillip and Bulwark for any of your pest needs!


I’ve used Bulwark for 3 years now. No bugs period. No scorpions, nothing. I read about all these people in LV with scorpions and I’ve not seen a single one in 3 years. Robert is thorough and always asks if there are any areas I want to focus on. He always tells me if I see something, say something and he’ll come right back to treat it. I like that they text me a few days ahead and then again when they’re on their way.



Residential Properties

Pests like termites and mice can cause expensive damage to your home. In fact, termite damage compromises the structure of a building to a point that you may need to spend thousands of dollars on corrective measures. Avoid costly repairs by hiring our team of pest control specialists who provide excellent customer service for your unique needs. Your family is safe around our professionals who have passed a background check and have met our standards of excellence.

When you’re feeling unsure about how to handle a difficult pest problem, it is best to give us a call to set up a consultation. Our team is here to help you get started on the pest control and prevention process.

Benefits to Homeowners

Hiring a pest control service provides many benefits to homeowners. Being proactive prevents infestations from starting and protects valuable food storage. We keep insects, rodents, and other pests away from your investments with our preventive measures. We eliminate common entry points with a defensive barrier and teach you how to keep sources of food, water, and shelter unreachable to pests.

Besides protecting your home and food storage, getting rid of pests like mosquitoes greatly reduces the health risks associated with getting diseases like the Zika and West Nile viruses, Malaria, Yellow Fever, and many other serious threats. Our skilled professionals understand how to identify the many types of infestations and what to use to eliminate them.

While it is common for homeowners to perform their own pest control using chemical sprays, baits, sticky tape, and other methods of traps purchased at hardware stores, these solutions are short-term fixes. Plus, they often leave behind harmful, strong odors. When you call Bulwark Exterminating, our team will provide a safe and relaxed experience for all to ensure your protection.

Getting a Pest Control Quote in Salt Lake City

Bulwark Exterminating services all of the Salt Lake area. We keep our pest control services affordable so you can address any unexpected issues when they arise. Many customers find that our rates are competitive and typically beat the bids of our competition. To receive an accurate quote, you’ll need to provide our team members with the relevant square footage and details of your pest concern. Another factor of cost includes your location in relation to our driver’s routes.

Getting a pest control quote in Salt Lake City is easy with Bulwark Exterminating. There is no need to wait when you’re dealing with pests that affect your quality of living. Enjoy life without worry when you call our trained professionals who know exactly how to rid homes of a wide variety of pests.

Choosing a Family-Owned Service

When you’re ready to make the call, know that we’re ready to treat you like family. We’ve been serving the Salt Lake valley since 1999 and have worked with thousands of clients to resolve their pest concerns. Our trained technicians have been carefully vetted to ensure that your family feels safe letting them into your home. Our business is small enough to care but big enough to do it right. If you continue to experience pest infestation, our technicians will come back free of charge within 48 hours of our service call.

Besides being professional, our technicians are considerate. We know that you’ve already experienced the feeling of invasion that comes with having insects or rodents in your home. That’s why we look for ways to minimize our presence when we arrive and take caution to leave your home as it was before—minus the pests. When you’re looking for polite, timely, and clean professionals to address your pest concerns, Bulwark Exterminating is the right choice. We find that our customers become loyal customers for life.

Primary Customer Concerns

We understand that our customers have many concerns when considering if pest control services are right for their lifestyle. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:


CAREERS IN Salt Lake City



Is Pest Control Safe?

To answer this question, consider this. Our products are less toxic than toothpaste, yet get the job done. We only use products that are backed by research performed in colleges and universities to ensure our customers are getting the safest and most innovative services.

We understand the many concerns that come with using pesticides, which is why we would never use harmful substances in your home. We work to exceed our customers’ expectations so they can continue enjoying life to the fullest. Homeowners in the Salt Lake City area can trust our professionals to deliver safe pest control services because we truly care about overall health and safety.

Can Pest Control Really Get Rid of the Bugs?

In general, pest control is a smart solution when you’re looking to rid your home of bugs. The first thing that our technicians do upon arrival is perform an inspection on your home to assess the level of concern. The results of this inspection provide valuable insight into the problem and solution.

The treatment process necessitates finding the nesting area to ensure we correctly address the pest source. After we determine the cause of the infestation, we can move ahead with treating the area. The length of time that it takes for pests to disappear depends on the unique situation, but typically our clients can expect to see immediate results. Our yard treatments are effective and designed to solve the problem.

Is It Too Expensive?

We base our estimates on individual variables, but typically our customers find that we offer affordable solutions to pest control. Think of paying for pest control as an investment in protecting your home from costly threats. Get started with an online quote now to see what we can offer.

Integrated Pest Management

We use all-natural pesticides indoors that are safe for every member of the family, down to the smallest children and pets. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an environmentally sensitive solution to pest control. We practice a combination of steps designed to assess, prevent, and control pest threats to the homeowner, leaving the least amount of impact on the environment.

For outside areas, we deploy micro-encapsulated products featuring a protective coating that slowly releases the active ingredient. Several advantages of this include reduced odor and greater safety as pesticides get slowly released over time for balanced and effective results. We deliver the right products in the right places so you can enjoy your home without worry.

Green Initiatives

As we continue to use pest control methods that are safe for the environment, we are always looking for additional ways to embrace our green initiatives. We understand the importance of protecting our home planet from harmful substances that cause illness and destruction.

Our current pest control solutions favor tablets over paper waste. We use electric rigs that reduce overall fuel consumption. As we look for ways to integrate alternative fuels and electric vehicles into our total business strategy, we recognize that the future becomes brighter when we leave less behind.

Non-Target Pests and Mammals

One of the biggest concerns about pest control services today is in regard to honey bee survival. Rest assured, our pesticides are bee-friendly. They do not harm pollinators and other mammals that lie outside of the treatment path targeted during of our pest control services. In fact, they are designed to target an insect’s nervous system for immediate results without causing any adverse effects to other species.

In addition, Bulwark Exterminating adheres to the guidelines on EPA labels and monitors the products we set up for rodents. Our technicians put lockboxes on rodent bait so children and other animals won’t be able to access them. We understand that parents want the best for their children and pet owners expect the same for their furry companions. We provide the safe solutions you need for total protection.

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