We target mosquitoes at their source, providing protection and peace of mind for your family.

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Annual Triple Barrier Mosquito Protection

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Fog the Biting Adults

Adults rest under leaves and in shade during the day and then seek out blood meals at dusk and dawn. Bulwark targets sites where they will be resting while avoiding pollinators and protects you from being their next meal.
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Prevent Adult Emergence

All mosquitoes are born in water. We treat all standing water or potential standing water and eliminate any new adults from your property.
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Bait the Breeders

Our traps are designed to attract mosquitoes that are ready to lay eggs. Mosquitoes lay eggs in the treated water and are contaminated with a product that kills the adult within a few minutes. These traps are great to use in place of misting to help protect gardens, herbs, nuts, fruit, and pollinators.

Year-Round Mosquito Protection
Year-Round Mosquito Protection


Early Spring for Mosquito Prevention

- Protect pollinators when plants are in bloom.

- Treat near edible plants


Prime Mosquito Season

- Place near water that produces mosquitoes

- Protect after residuals have been impacted by rain and sun


Fall / Winter to Prevent Next Year's Population

- Encourage over-wintering mosquitoes to lay eggs in the trap for prevention

Bulwark's Annual Triple Barrier Mosquito System

Mosquitoes exist year-round. Why do mosquito control solutions only provide protection during the “biting season” between April and September. Places in the South like Texas and North Carolina start seeing mosquitoes in February. That’s because our winters are not predictable and can be shorter causing the mosquitoes to emerge long before April arrives. Bulwark now offers a solution that addresses the fact that mosquitoes exist all year.

The Annual Triple Barrier System is a three prong approach that targets each phase of the mosquito life-cycle and does so year round. No more waiting for a real solution to try and fight the on-going threat of mosquito bites. It’s too late to wait till April, by then the population has already re-established and will be an uphill battle. We get ahead and stay ahead of the populations. If you spot any activity after our service, we’ll make sure to finish the job for free.

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Bulwark is the best! I use them for regular treatments as well as mosquito treatments, and both Rick and Damon are fantastic. Always very thorough and communicative – Damon even brought my recycling bin up the drive! Thanks y’all!


I have been a customer of theirs a couple of years. I have always been told to call if I have a problem in between my services and never do because I feel bad. I finally did due to all the crazy flies I am experiencing. They jumped into action and somehow finagled being able to work me into the schedule and were able to come out almost immediately. I will say that I opted to try the mosquito treatment this time around for the first time since being a client. We shall see if it works but so far so good no complaints. My tech, Charles Tucker did an absolute amazing job with communicating with me and listening to my needs & concerns. Out of all the technicians I have encountered the last couple years, Charles is by far the best. And truly, in this day and age, is hard to find quality staff. Every technician or office staff I’ve ever come into contact with has always been polite, respectful and professional. Charles Tucker takes it up a notch and you can tell he genuinely cares about the clients. Thanks Charles! And Bulwark!

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