Identifying American Cockroaches Nymph And Adult Roaches


Nymphs, Turkistan and American roaches, as well as orientals, can have similar appearances and features. Join Thomas on site as he goes over a few of the signs to identify them.

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So you zoom in there, this is a nymph. The reason why we know its a nymph, its wings aren’t fully developed, in fact, you can’t see wings on that at all right now. It’s fairly good size, though. It’s a little confusing because it looks like, this nymph looks like certain adults of other species. This nymph actually resembles a little bit the adult of an oriental and also the adult of a Turkistan but if you look at this nymph, it actually has horizontal lines on the back here which is a tell-tale sign of the American cockroach.

So this is the actual adult American cockroach, fully grown, and interestingly enough, again, this is actually almost the same size of the nymph we just picked up a moment ago. So, it’s not much bigger than the other one, but, again you’ll notice the wings on it on the American cockroach. They are full wings, they go pass the bottom of the roach, and American roaches are a little darker in color then some of the other species that look similar to this.

Again, Turkistan roaches are found in Phoenix and they look very similar to this. The females actually look different, so a lot of times you’ll see an adult male, a Turkistan roach that looks like this and a female which will look like an oriental roach that’s how you identify the Turkistan, This one we didn’t find any female to resemble this, so we are confident this an American roach problem here at this home in Phoenix.


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