Scorpion Entry Points


Scorpions don’t have much trouble getting inside your walls, but ways into your house are slightly more scarce beyond that. They like the exchange of air that happens at air ducts and it’s here they often find their entrance. Bulwark treats your whole house to keep the little guys out of your shoes.

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So what you have here, is an air-conditioning duct, and the scorpions are not going to be inside the duct. small amounts of moisture condense on the outside of the duct or inside your wall and little scorpions like that moisture, so they end up cruising along the interior walls; along the exterior of your ducts.

What happens is; they get to exchange like this, where the air is gonna be weaving and they kind work their way around, and see how this is not sealed here. I think this is probably the leading way that they’re coming into your actual closets. Usually there’s only one or two sources that they’re really able to access the interior of your house through.

They can be in your walls, but if they can’t get out of your walls, then they’re not gonna hurt you. Now they can fit through anything with the width of a credit card; one-sixteenth of an inch, so this is obviously large enough for them. let’s put as many barriers as possible between them in the yard and the interior of your wife shoes.


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