Scorpions In Bathroom


Join Adam as he investigates the invasion of scorpions into a customer’s home. Here, he describes how scorpions can hide in walls, underneath rocks and cinder blocks, as well as near the tub.

Speaker 1 0:00 – 1:05

So, here we have an exterior wall. This particular area has lot of scorpions underneath the rocks and cinder block wall on the outside a lot of water and a lot of vines out there. What’s happened is they’re somehow infiltrating into the exterior wall. They’re getting in underneath this dead space, underneath this marble house slab behind the tub, kind of breeding back there, if you will, or entering the property that way. It’s all connected, right? This is an open hollow wall with a sliding door that can’t be sealed. So, there’s a gap underneath the tub behind the marble that continues all the way to the sliding door and they’re getting a lot of scorpions in the room in the bathroom so we access this through this access door that was already there and we would have been treated that void to sort of block off scorpions from being able to move through that void.


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