What Is Anascorp- New FDA Approved Scorpion Antivenom


Now approved by the FDA, Anascorp is a promising antivenom for severe reactions to scorpion stings. Join Thomas in the office as he discusses Anascorp.

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It’s an anti-venom that they give you to reduce the toxins, the venom in your actual bloodstream, and everything else.

Speaker 2 00:10

After the sting?

Speaker 1 00:11

After the sting. So they are not going to give it to you unless you have a severe reaction, which is respiratory problems, which is the main concern. If you have a kid and it get stung and he has a severe reaction, is now available in the hospital and they are not going to make you sign a bunch of waivers to get it.

Speaker 2 00:25

Is it more for if they are like allergic to it?

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Speaker 2 00:31 

Or can it be that bad even if you are not allergic?

Speaker 1 00:33

If you are not that allergic to them, it can be as minimal as a bee sting, a lot of people tell me it feels like an electrical shock, or I’ve even heard a hot razor blade being cut through them, throbbing pain starting in your hand and going up to your arm. If you get stung in the hand, but it’s only a problem if you have an allergic reaction. So if you have a severe allergic reaction then that’s when you start having convulsions, your eyes will start twitching and rolling in the back of your head. Extreme things like foaming at the mouth, which is very uncommon, but it happens. That’s when your body can’t handle it. It’s overly stressed in trying to fight off this toxin it doesn’t understand. Going to respiratory problems and everything else, and eventually die from suffocation if you have that bad of an allergic reaction.

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Speaker 1 01:24

Interesting stuff.

Speaker 2 01:27 

Good stuff.

Speaker 1 01:28

Yeah good stuff, I’m happy about it, my kid has never been stung and I’m happy to know they got it in the hospital.

Speaker 2 01:33

For sure.

Speaker 1 01:34

Especially if I get stung now that I play with these guys all the time. So it’s pinching me right now. It’s trying to inject with its stinger, I can feel it. But this won’t, actually won’t, look at that leg she doesn’t want to let go.

Speaker 2 01:51

How do you know they’re females before you mark them?

Speaker 1 01:55

They have babies. That’s the only way we know.

Speaker 2 01:58

You think you will be a little more brave now that venom is there, or anti-venom is there?

Speaker 1 02:02

It took me a long time to actually being able to go in there and grab one.

Speaker 2 02:06

I bet.

Speaker 1 02:07

It’s not something that comes naturally. Bulwark does not endorse grabbing scorpions at all, whatsoever. That’s not an effective scorpion control method.



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