Where Do Bed Bugs Come From


Movie theaters, airplanes, hotels or even taxis are locations where you could potentially pick up a bed bug hitch hiker

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Hi, I’m AJ with Bulwark Exterminating. This is the bedbug quick facts.

Where do bedbugs come from?

Bed Bugs are a hitch hiking insect. That means anywhere you visit or go, if there’s bed bugs you have the potential to bring them home with you. So if you are at the movie theater and there is a bed bugs in your chair, if it crawls onto your purse or on your clothes you have a chance of taking that home. If you go to a hotel and you have bed bugs in that hotel room and you put your luggage on the bed. You have a chance of getting bed bugs on the luggage and taking it home. Same with public transportation or visiting a friends home. So that its very important to know where you are going and if there is a history of a problem there.


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