Where Do Scorpions Live


There are many places a scorpion can hide including cinder block walls, under bushes in your yard, under stuff stacked by the house, or even inside the walls of your home.

Speaker 1:  00:00 – 00:38

A scorpion’s natural habitat is in the desert. If you’re looking for them in the desert, you can find them under rocks or fallen logs. In our neighborhoods we will find them in the cinder block walls that surround our homes. We can also find them underneath bushes in our yard, and any time you have stuff stacked up against the house we can find them under there as well. Scorpions are also found underneath the edges of the home. The house has what’s called a J-rail, where the house is allowed to breathe and let moisture escape the walls. We find scorpions climbing up in the walls, where they can get up inside our house.


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