3 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Southern Party

Southern Picnic

3 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Southern Party

Everyone loves a party, but they often forget how much work it takes to throw a good party. There’s a lot of planning to do, decisions to make, and overall logistics to discuss. When you’re hosting a party, it’s important to have a plan before jumping into all of the chaos. 

Decide on a Theme

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Before you even start to prepare your guest list and go crazy with décor, decide if there’s any sort of theme you’re going for at this party. When most people think of themes for a party, they assume it’s a birthday party, but that’s not the case. There are a ton of different themed events and gatherings that don’t require singing the happy birthday song.  

Once you decide on a theme, you’ll be able to dictate what you want the invitations to look like, how you want to decorate, and sometimes even the food options you want to serve. You may choose to not have a theme at all, and that’s totally fine! However, it may help you to at least have a color scheme so your party looks well-planned.

Plan the Menu

One of the most important parts of a party is the food. It’s hard to create a menu that everyone loves, but you can at least try to accommodate the best you can. Take into consideration the guests you’re inviting. Does anyone have allergies? Should you have a vegetarian option available? You may not know that your friend just switched to gluten-free, but you should remember that your in-laws are vegans. For reasons like these, it’s a good idea to have a variety of dishes.  

Of course, it can be extremely overwhelming when preparing all the dishes at the same time. Prior to the day of the party, try to write a list of exactly what needs to be done and see if there’s anything you can make ahead of time. 

Create a Good Atmosphere

The ambiance at a party is what determines if guests leave early or stay for the entirety. If you’re hosting an outdoor party, bugs definitely factor into this. It’s important to remember that everyone’s reactions to bugs and pests are going to be different, so you need to make sure every guest feels comfortable. 

Before the party, it’s a great idea to have a professional come by and spray the anticipated party area properly. Hire a professional for pest control in San Antonio to ensure that this task is completed efficiently and safely. Then when your guests arrive for the party, they (and you!) will have nothing to worry about.  As the host, it’s also a thoughtful move to have bug spray and bug bite cream on hand just in case.

Once you have decided your theme, planned your menu, and organized the environment, all that’s left to do is execute your plan. It helps to have a plan written in the form of a checklist so you can feel proud of yourself as you check off each item!


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