Bulwark’s long-lasting termite solutions are tailored to your property. 

Prevent Damage with the Bulwark Termite Barrier

When it comes to pests that damage your home’s aesthetics and structural integrity, termites top the list. They can inflict incredible damage – as much as $5 billion every year. Shockingly, termites cause more damage than hurricanes and fires combined. 

How can a tiny bug cause so much damage? A single termite colony can have thousands or even millions of members. When a colony is under your home, the termites within have a constant supply of their favorite food: wood. Termites will relentlessly feast on wood and other materials, causing extensive subterranean and dry wood damage.

To make matters worse, most homeowner insurance policies do not cover termite damage. Unfortunately, without professional termite control, it’s not a question of if termites will invade your home but when.

If you believe you have a termite infestation, it’s important to contact Bulwark Exterminating for an inspection, so that we can create a Protective Termite Barrier for your home. 

Here's how it works:

  • Inspect: We’ll determine the location of your termite infestation, whether it’s active or inactive, and the severity of the problem. 
  • Install: Your Bulwark termite technician will install bait stations around your home. 
  • Find: Termites will find the bait and bring it back to their colony. 
  • Feast: Termites will begin eating the bait, eventually destroying the nest. 
  • Replenish: Your Bulwark termite technician will re-inspect your bait stations and replenish them as needed. 


I’ve used Bulwark for about 2 years now and the service has always been professional, prompt, and friendly. Lately, we have been dealing with mice in the attic. Thank you to our tech Erik M. who helped check on the traps that were set at the last visit and found and removed one of them that recently caught a mouse. He also made sure the bait box in the backyard was still full and gave us tips on how to seal up the spaces where they could be getting into the house.

Zach Kinnan is so amazing at being mindful of our stuff and pets. Communicates with us and helps relief some fears so the spiders at our new property by educating me, while still getting rid of them. Bulwark customer service is always great.



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