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Cockroaches have earned a poor reputation for entering our homes, transmitting diseases, and sneaking into our nightmares. Although they appear to be all awful, they are beneficial to the environment. They consume spoiled organic matter, which supports the natural process of decomposition. Cockroaches play a crucial role in the nitrogen cycle, supporting the health of forests. That said, nothing can make you feel uneasy in your home, like switching on the light in your bathroom and seeing them race away. 

What’s worse still is imagining them crawling all over your kitchen. Here are some of the most well-known roaches that you may encounter:

  • American Roaches, at times called Palmetto Bugs – American cockroaches are one of the largest known species of cockroach. In the southeast, they are commonly called palmetto bugs. However, this is inaccurate as palmetto bugs are another species called the Florida woods cockroach, which has a different appearance, usually lives outdoors, and ejects a foul odor when spooked, whereas the American roaches do not.
  • Brown Banded Roaches – Brown-banded cockroaches are a variation of cockroach with the scientific name Supella longipalpa. Although quite small, they have various habits that cause them more disturbing than other species.
  • German Roaches – German cockroaches, despite their name, they are suspected of having emerged from Southeast Asia, but this is uncertain. They are the most known species of roach to invade homes, businesses, and other places. Although they are naturally acclimated to endure in tropical and warm surroundings, they like being indoors.
  • Oriental Roaches – Oriental roaches are acknowledged as one of the foulest cockroaches on the planet due to their affiliation with filth. Oriental cockroaches are well known for their preference for waste. They feed on garbage, decomposing substances, and trash in general.
  • Smoky Brown Cockroach – Smoky Brown Cockroach are some of the most resilient creatures and can prosper in just about any environment, including your home. They are nightly insects and are capable of hiding in tiniest crevices.

Raiding the pantry and invading restrooms for centuries, cockroaches are some of the most common and nasty insects around. Roaches shed skins and body parts, release smells, and can cause respiratory problems. Cockroaches are nocturnal insects that gather together in groups as much as possible. So if you happen to spot one roach, there?s probably more around. Bulwark Exterminating is here to help you eliminate all the bugs in your home. Roaches, ants, spiders and all other bugs are no match for us. We 100% guarantee you?ll be bug free. Call today!

Roaches have often been associated with poor housekeeping, but even the cleanest home could have a roach problem.  In fact, a roach can live off of the oil from one fingerprint for a week! Do you really think you can maintain a home with zero fingerprints?  And some areas of the country, like Houston, are just prone to roach infestations no matter how clean or dirty a home is. 

Did you know that COCKROACHES EAT TOOTHPASTE? It is true and disgusting. Make sure you keep the lid on that toothpaste. And if really don’t want to share your toothbrush, hire a professional exterminator today.  > Get a Quote

The good news is, if treated properly, a professional can get rid of roaches inside your home, and fairly quickly. Plus, our roach control solution doesn’t end with just getting rid of roaches inside your home, but extends to protecting the outside of home in a way that prevents cockroaches from ever infesting your home again.  There is a real roach control solution, and we can help.

Cockroaches leave their body parts everywhere. Along with their droppings. In a cockroach infested home, a good percentage of the dust is roach material. Breathing in dead roach body parts is less than healthy. And many individuals suffer allergic reactions to these air contaminants.

Cockroaches Smell

Cockroaches actually eminent their own pungent odors. Describing the cockroach smell isn’t easy. Most of the time you won’t smell it until the population size is quit large. But if you have the unfortunate chance to deal with multiple infestations, you can pick up that scent with only a few roaches present. Yes, pest control pros are among that small percentage that can smell roaches. No, it is not a superpower. Quite the opposite. Sadly, this skill has ruined a restaurant meal or two for some exterminators that pick up that scent half way through dinner.

Don’t want to learn to how to smell roaches? Leave the roach smelling to Bulwark.

Keeping your indoor Air Quality Up

So now you know, roaches cause serious indoor air problems. And they are not the only pest to do so. So getting a pest control service is an investment in your health. But did you know you can get an AIR SCRUBBER TO SANITIZE YOUR AIR? It is true. There are many solutions for cleaning up your air. The right HEPA air filters can remove dust, debris, allergens, and even viruses.

How you get rid of roaches depends a lot on the type of cockroach you are battling. Some roaches are fairly easy to exterminate. Other roaches, German Roach , are built to survive the nuclear doomsday. Yes, those guys are extremely difficult to get rid of. Using an integrated pest management (IPM) solution becomes. IPM methods will hit the target pests from multiple angles, making those worries a thing of the past.

Here are some cool tips and facts about getting rid of roaches:

  1. Roaches eat other roaches – Yuck! Right?! Well this gross habit makes slower killing baits extremely effective. They eat the bait, go back to the big roach family and die where other roaches will eat them, and then die, and so on. Get the right pesticide and you will have a transfer rate of 7x.
  2. Roaches hide in dark cracks and crevices – Because roaches rarely like to be out in the open, the areas you need to treat are obvious. Dusting products are great for behind walls, under cabinets, and around appliances.
  3.  The majority of roach species stay outside – Yes, if you are seeing them inside then this is bad news. We get it. We don’t roaches in our homes either. And since most roach problems start with roaches moving from the outside to the inside, the solution is simple. Protect your home regularly with outside treatments. A routine outside spray will keep most roaches away.

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Our yard used to have cockroaches and spiders everywhere! Now we never see either. I love how responsive they are too. I needed my garage sprayed before doing a deep clean (it’s a mess!) and they came out promptly and sprayed it. Carson was friendly and professional. Every employee who has come has been amazing. Highly recommend!


They solved my German roach problem when no one else could. Gus is great.



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