Scorpion Season Isn’t Over Yet

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Scorpion Season Isn’t Over Yet

Though we’re nearing the end of the year when temperatures start to drop and bugs seemingly tend to disappear. This is the start of the last birthing season for scorpions this year. That means, soon in the southwest we’ll have an influx of young scorpions around homes and in yards.

If you’re unfamiliar with these pests, here are some key facts about scorpions. A part of the arachnid family, they have eight legs but they are distinctly recognized for their pinchers and stinging segmented tail. Scorpions organs are on the underside, allowing them to feel vibrations of incoming threats and react or prepare.  They can be ranging in color and size, depending on the specific species or maturity of the scorpion. Their main food sources are other insects but larger scorpions can feed on bigger predators, such as, snakes, mice, lizards, and even other smaller scorpions. They are solitary creatures, they create territories and will fight off intruding pests to maintain those territories.  

Scorpion Life Cycle
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Scorpions, Where do they hide? – The cooler temperatures are going to send these scorpions to look for homes during the fall/winter months. Scorpions adult or immature, we’ll be looking for somewhere to hide and live, that’s considerably warm and safe. They’ll do their best to make their way into your home, through small openings like cracks in doors and windows, pipelines, or even through your roof in extreme cases. Once inside, scorpions want shady or dark spots to hide. The saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is how they operate. They will choose spots they feel comfortable and hard to be detected. Favorite spots to find scorpions would be places potted plants in your home, cabinets, in the cracks of furniture, small and tight spaces, or even the attic. 

Problems with scorpions – The real issue and concern presented by scorpions and a scorpion infestation is their ability to sting.  Most of the time, if stung by a scorpion it’s a mild discomfort which is followed along with swelling or redness in the area of the sting. However, some scorpions such as the Arizona Bark scorpion, has a more poisonous sting and it can cause death in specific groups (elderly, young children, pets, etc.;) If you’re sting by an Arizona Bark scorpion seek medical attention immediately. Either way, scorpions are pests you don’t want wandering throughout your home. 

Scorpion Sting Self Treatment
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Scorpion control You can keep scorpions out of your home by eliminating areas that may harbor these pests. Landscaping stones and timbers may create attractive resting places for scorpions during the day. Keep firewood at least 20 feet from the house and five feet off the ground to discourage scorpions from hiding there.

Inspect your home for spaces where scorpions might enter, such as cracks or holes in the structure and openings in your screens, windows, and doors. Make sure your garage door closes tightly to the ground. Outfit your doors and windows with weather stripping. Use door sweeps for added protection along the bottom of the door. These steps will help you create a well-sealed space where scorpions can’t easily enter.

An exterminator can help you with your scorpion solutions efforts. Knowledgeable pest control professionals can help you identify areas around the home where scorpions are likely to hide. They can also assist with other pest infestations, which might ultimately feed your scorpion control problem. If you keep finding scorpions in the home, an exterminator may reveal that you have mice, beetles, spiders, and other creatures in your house. Getting rid of these will discourage scorpions from creating a home in your space.

Scorpion Facts
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Scorpion Pest Control
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