5 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Place of Comfort

Place of Comfort

5 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Place of Comfort

Your home should be your place of peace, security, and comfort. Whether it’s having an oversized chair to sit in while reading or pictures on the wall to make you smile, there are many ways to make your home meet the definition of comfortable.

Eliminate Clutter and Get Organized


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Clutter is uncomfortable for guests to walk into, and it’s also bad for your own mental clarity. With a ton of papers, clothes, or shoes laying around your home, your subconscious will begin to get a little tense. Sticking with the theory that everything has a place where it belongs is not enough. You have to also remember that it means putting things back to that place they belong. Organization is important, so when you’re putting things away, put them back in an orderly fashion. You’ll thank yourself later.

Add Pictures and Personalization

Whenever you first move into a home, one of the first things people will say is to hang up pictures. Photos of familiar faces and memorable events will not only liven up the walls but also create a more cozy “lived in” feel. Experiment with gallery walls, signs with your favorite sayings, and pieces of art that make you smile. 

Get Some Greenery or Flowers

Adding flowers or greenery to your space will bring color and texture to your home. You don’t need to have a whole indoor garden, but perhaps some of your windowsills could use some fun accessories.

Take a Close Look at Furniture

Having open spaces in your home is a good thing, but sometimes too much empty space makes it look like no one lives there. Accent furniture is a great way to not only solve the “too much space” problem but also tie in different colors. Accent furniture can work to break up a constant color within the room. For instance, if your living room couch and walls are on the darker side, try to throw in a lighter-color accent table and throw pillows to break it up. 

Start a Preventative Pest and Bug Control Plan

Nothing interrupts your tranquil feelings quite like bugs and pests. The interference of flying insects, crawling creatures, and pesky pests is enough to turn your warm and fuzzy feelings into anxiety and annoyance. To avoid ever getting to the point where you feel like you have a full on infestation, consider setting up a prevention or maintenance plan ahead of time.

If you have an existing problem that your DIY methods can’t seem to beat, seeking out professional pest control in San Antonio is a sure way to make sure you solve it quickly and safely. Professionals will also be able to work with you on the best plan of action moving forward, so that you don’t feel like you need to move out. Bugs and pests do not pay rent, so they shouldn’t be living in your sanctuary — especially one that you worked hard to make comfortable and cozy!


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