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Ever since I was a kid, one of the worst chores assigned to me was pulling weeds. Just the thought of being out there in the scorching Arizona sun, on my hands and knees, digging and pulling at those obnoxious weeds makes my back hurt.

Over the years, my distain for unsightly weeds has only grown. Arizona weeds have a rapid growth rate because of their ease of germination. If I take a couple weeks off from pulling them from my Peoria yard; I’m overrun with weeds!

I now have an ally in my battle against all those unattractive weeds. Weed control has never been easier.

I just call Bulwark Weed Control!

Bulwark Weed Control

Are you looking to never have to pull weeds again? If so, get professional weed control from Bulwark. Bulwark Weed Control is a team of licensed, well-trained, professionals, with a new, custom, state-of-the art weed control truck.

Bulwark Weed Control will take into account Arizona’s monsoon season, offering pre-emergent treatments that coordinate with the monsoon rains. Bulwark can also protect your property, not only from weeds, but also other pests; by offering convenient pest control and weed control treatments in one stop.

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. Protect that investment by keeping your property free from unsightly and destructive weeds. These weeds will actually detract from the value of your home. Weeds also compete for the water and nutrients the other trees and plants in your yard need to grow.

By eliminating the weeds, you keep your property looking its best all year round! Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Bulwark’s New Weed Control Truck

Bulwark Weed Control has a new ally in the battle against unsightly weeds… A custom, high-tech weed control truck. This weed killing machine is completely custom, fully enclosed, and electric with whisper quiet electric reels. Your neighbors won’t even know the truck is there. A state-of-the art injection system provides an extremely accurate herbicide mix rate, and special metering equipment ensures there is a proper chemical ratio.

In addition to killing weeds, Bulwark’s new weed control truck is also equipped for the treatment of pests and termites. Customers can conveniently have their property treated for not only weeds, but for termites, and for pests like scorpions, roaches, spiders, and ants; all in one visit. This takes any hassle out of weed and pest control.

Get Professional Weed Control Today!

Every property in Phoenix is unique. Some homeowners landscape with grass, others with rock. Some have palm trees, others cactus. One thing that all homeowners can agree on is that nobody wants weeds devaluing their property.

Bulwark Weed Control will keep your yard looking its best all year long. This will not only keep you happy, but your HOA happy as well.

Secure your biggest financial investment, by keeping your home free from weeds. Call today:

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