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All Service Pros are background checked, drug screened, and Bulwark certified. The same friendly technicians that treat your home for pests will treat for weeds as well. 


This spray will keep weeds down for up to 6 months. This is the first  line of defense in your weed control service.


With each regularly scheduled pest control visit to your home, you also get a weed inspection and any retreatments at no cost.

Here's how it works:

  • Schedule First Service: Call in and get an appointment with a certified weed control professional.
  • Pre-emergent: Your Bulwark Service Pro will apply a long lasting pre-emergent to prevent weeds from growing before you can even see them! This will be most effective if the area is watered down a day after the service. 
  • Post-emergent: For weeds that are already popping out of the ground, your Service Pro will apply a post-emergent product to kill them fast.
  • Select Herbicide: Your Service Pro will be equipped to handle other unique issues such as grassy weeds and obnoxious tubers that require specialty products to eliminate. 
  • Follow-up Services: After the thorough initial weed control service, follow-up services are provided to all customers under a warranty. These services will provide spot treatments for any weeds that have come up. Future pre-emergent services will be provided to keep properties weed free throughout the year.
  • Future Pre-Emergent Services: We aim to schedule your recurring pre-emergent services around the time of our two rainy seasons – early spring and fall monsoons – to keep the yard clean year-round.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you see weeds let us know. Retreatments are free of charge and we will continue working until you are fully satisfied. 



I would like to let you know how great Spencer has been for all 4 of my accounts. My only complaint is that it is almost impossible to let you know how well your technicians are doing every time.


Keigunn treated my yard today, 09/02. He was super friendly and listened to the areas I wanted treated. I was concerned about the grass hoppers, moths, spiders, and praying mantis all around my yard. He listened and informed me of what their service can and cannot kill; what’s a pest and what’s not. He found an ant colony along the fence in my yard which I was unaware of & took the proper care for that. He also found a wasp nest that he treated, had me come out and look at it to tell me he was going to treat it again. I am so thankful and happy with this service!! He was very nice and professional. I recommend this service!!



Does your weed control come with a guarantee?

Absolutely! At Bulwark, your satisfaction is our top priority, especially when it comes to keeping your yard free from unwanted weeds. We stand firmly behind every service we offer, including our comprehensive weed control solutions. Our promise to you is simple: if our weed control service doesn’t meet your expectations, we won’t rest until we make things right. And, in the rare instance you’re still not delighted with the results, we’ll ensure your peace of mind with our 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee. Choose Bulwark, where your happiness is not just a guarantee, it’s our commitment.  

What weeds do you cover? 

Technically a weed is ANY undesirable plant, so you as a homeowner can decide that a tree is undesirable and therefore a weed. We don’t cover those. We certainly don’t offer weed control for the protected saguaro cactus. Here is a list of common weeds that we do cover and believe most homeowners would gladly get rid of:


  • Dandelion
  • Purslane
  • Goosefoot (Lamb’s quarters)
  • Sida (Wireweed)
  • Pigweed (Amaranth)
  • Rushes
  • Russian Thistle (Tumbleweed)
  • Common Sandbur
  • American Pokeweed (Dragonberries)
  • Puncturevine
  • Bermuda Grass (in any unwanted areas)

Which parts of my yard do you treat? 

Our weed control service eliminates weeds in your dirt, gravel, sidewalk cracks, and other xeriscaped areas where you don’t want anything to grow. If you are also interested in lawn maintenance, give us a call to see if we offer lawn care in your area. Our Lawn Care services include both fertilizing your lawn and treating for pests, as well as eliminating undesirable weeds from your lawn.




Before you go...

Be Bug Free & Happy with a $99 Initial Service.

Every home and every pest problem is unique. We will create a plan that meets your needs. Don’t stress over the details. Your Bulwark Pest Pro will help verify everything in your initial call.

*Restrictions apply. Contact us for details.

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