What To Know About Brown Recluse Spiders

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Also known as the violin spider, the Brown Recluse spider is one of the most notorious spider pests in the United States. While most spiders are deemed harmless, a bite from a Brown Recluse can be dangerous and even deadly. 

Brown Recluse Appearance

The Brown Recluse spider ranges in color from light brown to dark brown, and are typically the size of a quarter. This spider has really long legs, and its body is covered with short hairs. The top of the Brown Recluse is marked with a violin pattern.

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Brown Recluse Behavior

The Brown Recluse spider is a hunter by nature. It does not use its web to catch insects. The Brown Recluse is usually found living inside idle or vacant structures. They also hide in attics, basements, wall voids, and can occasionally be found hiding in discarded clothing inside your home. They favor areas of low activity because they are actually quite shy in nature. Brown Recluse spiders are not aggressive, biting only when provoked and threatened. 

The Brown Recluse will live about two years, but can survive without food or water for about six months. They are most common in the Southeast United States, and the lower Midwest. Cities like Tulsa, OK have serious Brown Recluse problems.

Brown Recluse Spider Bites

Brown Recluse spiders are extremely venomous spiders, and it will bite humans. A Brown Recluse spider bite generally happens by accident when someone is moving boxes, putting on clothing that has been left on the floor, or digging around in a seldom used basement or closet. When a Brown Recluse spider gets unintentionally trapped against a person’s body, it feels threatened and will bite. Use caution while putting on clothes, getting into bed, and when handling cardboard boxes. 

Brown Recluse venom kills the living tissue near the bite site. Once bitten, the infected are will turn a red and bluish-white or bluish-grey in color. The wound may fester and linger when it becomes infected. 

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The Brown Recluse bite can be quite painful, and the pain will last for several days. If bitten by a Brown Recluse spider, seek medical attention as symptoms can become life threatening. Untreated bites have been associated with the loss of appendages.

Brown Recluse Control

Because of the dangers associated with the bite of Brown Recluse spiders, many home-owners are eager to employ pest control services. To prevent a venomous spider invasion, like that of a Brown Recluse spider, get professional spider control.

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